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Parkwood Youth Organization 

Constitution and By-Laws 

Article 1: 

Name and Address 

Section 1 

The name of the organization shall be Parkwood Youth Organization, located at 3301 Mechanicsville Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154. 

Section 2 

The principle office of the organization shall be in the territory serviced by it. 

Article II: 


Section 1 

The purpose of the organization shall be to promote youth activities through the organized efforts of the people of the community. To promote the welfare of the community, and its youth through active and constructive youth sports activities. It shall further be the purpose of the organization, to provide its youth with training in leadership and civic consciousness and better prepare them as productive citizens in the promotion of fellowship. 

Section 2 

This organization shall be non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-profit. 

Article III: Membership and Dues 

Section 1 

Membership is open to any person of good character, 18 years of age or older 

during the calendar year in which they join. 

Section 2 

The Secretary will determine members-in-good-standing as defined in this section. Only a member in good standing can run for and elected position and/or vote in such elections providing they meet the requirements to run for office, see Article XIV, Section 2 and fulfill the following requirements to vote. A member in good standing will be defined as: 

A. Attend five (5) regular meetings in the fiscal year, unless excused 

through notification of a member of the Executive Board for one of the following reasons: 

Serious illness Employment Away on organization business Death in the family 

B. Conducts themselves in a manner not detrimental to the organization. 

Conduct is subject to review and action by the Executive Board. 

C. Cannot be delinquent in the payment of dues. 

Section 3 

Non-compliance with Section 2, B may result in forfeit of membership by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board. Any such action against a member may be appealed to the General Membership. To overturn such a decision a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members will be needed. 

Section 4 

Dues will be established by the Executive Board, and be assessed according to the type of membership as follows: 

A. Sport Membership: Entitles the father, mother, and/or guardian 

voting rights as a member of the organization if they fulfill the requirements of a member in good standing. This type of membership is for sports registrations for families with children participating in the organization's athletics programs. 

B. Individual Membership: Entitles a person voting rights as a member 

of the organization, if they fulfill the requirements of a member in good standing. This type is for an individual, who desires membership, but has no children registered in the organization. 

C. Active Membership: This was formerly known as a Charter 

Membership. The Executive Board grants these members of good standing such status (must maintain member in good standing status). At the end of each fiscal year any Sport or Family Member, in good standing that is eligible as per Article XIV, may be nominated, and approved as an Active Member by a majority vote of the Executive Board. Nominations are based on the member's active participation in the organization. This type of membership is at a reduced rate. The Dues established would be paid at the first registration the Active Member registers their child/children. 

D. Honorary Membership: This person no longer has children in the 

organization's athletics programs but has contributed to the support of the organization for more than seven years. This member also continues to support the organization as an active member. At the end of each fiscal year, any member in good standing who qualifies may be nominated as an Honorary Member. This is done by ballot and passed by a simple majority vote of the Executive Board. An Honorary Membership requires the payment of no dues. This membership cannot be revoked unless the member violates Article III, Section 2B. 

Section 5 

At the beginning of each fiscal year, which runs from January 1 to December 31, the incoming Board of Directors shall establish the fees for the current year for the organization's various membership types. The Executive Board as deemed necessary shall decide special assessments and/or fines. 

Article IV: Affiliation 

Section 1 

The Executive Board may approve affiliation with various clubs, conferences, associations, or other groups, but only for the purposes of furthering the athletic, cultural, and social activities of Parkwood Youth Organization. 

Article V: 

Rules of Order and Procedure 

Section 1 

Robert's Rule of Order shall govern the proceedings of all meetings of this organization, and its constituents, except as provided by these By-Laws. 

Section 2 

All activities of this organization shall be governed by this Constitution, and By Laws as interpreted by the Executive Board of Directors. 

Article VI: Government 

Section 1 

The government of this organization shall be vested in an Executive Board, which shall be composed of the following: 

A. Officers of the Board B. Board of Directors C. Immediate Past President D. Athletic Director (appointed position) 

Section 2 

No Officer or Director of the organization shall be personally liable for monetary damages as such for any action taken, or any failure to take any action. Unless: 

A. The Officer or Director has breached or failed to perform the duties of 

his/her office as set forth in the Director's Liability Act of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (42PS, section 8363) relating standard of care and justifiable reliance. The breach or failure to perform constitutes self-dealing, willful misconduct, or recklessness. These provisions, however, shall not apply to: 

1. The responsibility or liability of an Officer or 

Director pursuant to any criminal statute or; 2. The liability of an Officer or Director for the payment of 

taxes pursuant to Local, State or Federal Law. 

Section 3 

The Officers of the organization shall be: 

A. President
B. Vice President
C. Treasurer
D. Secretary
E. Recording Secretary 

Section 4 

The President, as chief executive officer of the organization, shall supervise the organization's affairs and activities; make all necessary appointments; sign all legal and financial documents; appoint Athletic Director; select committee chairpersons; make an annual report to members; preside at all membership and Executive Board meetings. The incoming President shall also appoint an auditing committee to audit the books of the previous administration. 

Section 5 

The Vice President shall assume the responsibilities and authority of the President in his/her absence or in the event the President resigns his/her position. 

Section 6 

The Treasurer's books and accounts shall be, at all times, open to inspection by the President, Executive Board, or any member in good standing, and any authorized auditors. The Treasurer shall: 

A. Collect all funds due the organization. Deposit them in the official 

depositories and disburse the same, on the order of the Executive Board. 

B. Has the authority to sign checks with an authorized counter signature it 

required by the financial institution where the funds are deposited and disbursed from. Make a monthly report of all income and expenses, all outstanding debts, and the treasury balance. 

C. Prepare an annual report, indicating all financial activities of the 


D. Post bond, at the expense of the organization, for the benefit of the 

organization with sufficient surety and in such amount as the Executive Board may require. 

E. Make quarterly financial reports and at other times as required by the 

President or Executive Board. 

Section 7 

The Secretary Shall: 

A. Provide agenda for all meetings.
B. Give notice of regular and special meetings. Provide an official agenda for each meeting.
C. Enter registrations into the computer.
D. Correspondence of the Board
E. Assist Treasurer with completion of grants applications and close out forms. 
F. Prepare member list G. Assist with Newsletter 
Section 8 

The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for the following: 

A. Record minutes of General Membership, Board and Special meetings. 
B. Take attendance at General Membership, Board and Special meetings. 
C. Keep record of all Board decisions and rulings. 
D. Ballots. 
E. Assist Secretary with newsletter. 
F. Monthly review of Active Member status and activity. 
G. Prepare list of members eligible to run and vote prior to the October General Membership Meeting. 
H. Keep records of Board Members who have missed two (2) or more meetings and send notification letters out. 

A vacancy in the Board of Directors shall be filled by the person who received the next largest number of votes in the previous election. 

Section 9 

The Executive Board shall discipline members, approve budgets, and/or any non budgeted expenditure exceeding five-hundred dollars ($500.00). They shall meet with committee chairpersons to provide guidance in completing their assignments. They shall hear and decide on any issues between members, which cannot be otherwise resolved. 

Section 10 

The Executive Board shall be responsible for developing and setting organization policy and for making decisions or interpretations regarding such policies. Each Executive Officer shall be responsible for directly assisting in the operation of a major function or committee, as indicated on the organizational chart. 

Section 11 

Article VII: Sports Programs 

Section 1 

Coaches appointed to Parkwood Youth Traveling Teams will have authority over participation by their team (s) in games other than the regular season. E.g.: Tournaments, out-of-season leagues. This authority shall include the use of Parkwood uniforms, and Parkwood insurance. Coaches shall return all uniforms with-in two weeks after any regular season league, tournament, or any out-of season league. In the event, the Executive Board fails to fund any extra-league participation, the coach, assumes that responsibility. 

Section 2 

A player registered with P.Y.O. for more than one approved sport, has the absolute right to choose between those sports when a scheduling conflict occurs for him/her. It shall be unethical, and therefore cause for immediate dismissal for any coach to directly or indirectly interfere with a player's decision in such matters. 

Section 3 

Coaches are urged to become members in good standing, as defined in Article III. The various commissioners and Athletic Director are urged to give consideration for coaching positions to members in good standing. The tenure of a coach is at the discretion of the respective Commissioner, or in his absence the Athletic Director. 

Section 4 

Traveling Teams, who decide to purchase, fundraise, or otherwise obtain a uniform for any purpose, will be required to have the uniform adhere to: 

A. Club colors, which are a combination of red, white and black. 

B. Have Parkwood, prominently displayed on the front of the uniform 


C. No team will be allowed to wear a uniform that does not adhere to 

these rules. Teams violating this will be subject to dismissal from the organization, forfeit any registration fees, fundraising monies, insurance for participation, umpire/referee fees, and use of the facility and fields. 

Article VIII: Elections of Officers and Directors and the Filling of Vacancies 

Section 1 

No member shall be eligible to run for an elected position until he/she has served at least one (1) year in the organization as a member in good standing as per Article III, Section 2A, B. The number of Directors elected shall be determined as follows: One (1) Director for every ten (10) voting members in good standing, or part thereof. 

Section 2 

At the regular monthly meeting in October, prior to the annual nominations for office, the President shall appoint an Election Committee, of three to five members. No member of the Election Committee shall be eligible to run for any 

elected position. 

Section 3 

Nominations will be accepted after the regular October and November meetings. There shall be no nominations accepted at the December meeting. 

Section 4 

The Election Committee shall make known the nominations for each position of the Executive Officers of the Board, and the Board of Directors. They will be announced at the November and December meetings and placed in clear view on the Bulletin Board after the October and November nominations. 

Section 5 

Each Officer or Director of the Board shall serve one (1) year, or until his/her successor has been elected or appointed. Voting shall be by ballot. Only members in good standing, who are in attendance at the December meeting, can vote. If a member knows in advance that he/she will not be able to attend the December meeting, that member may notify a member of the Election Committee no less than seven (7) days prior to the election requesting an absentee ballot. 

That ballot must be returned to a member of the Election Committee and documented prior to the election, to be included in the official tabulation. 

Section 6 

The Election Committee shall prepare in advance a sufficient number of ballots with the names of all the members who accepted nominations and were eligible. 

Section 7 

No officer shall be deemed elected until he/she has received a majority of the vote cast in the balloting, for which he/she is a candidate. If no candidate receives a majority of the vote; there will be as many additional ballots cast for those 

candidates receiving the two highest number of votes on the first ballot as may be required to secure a majority for one candidate. 

Section 8 

Each voting member may cast their ballot for the number of candidates required for the Board of Directors. Those candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected to the Board of Directors. 

Section 9 

Officers and Directors shall assume their terms and duties the first day of January following the annual election. 

Section 10 

Vacancies of any Officer or Director, except that of President, shall be appointed by the President, with the approval of the Executive Board for the remainder of the term. 

Section 11 

In the event of a vacancy in the Office of President, the Vice President shall succeed that office for the remainder of the term. The line of succession after the Vice President shall be: Treasurer, Secretary, Recording Secretary, members of the Board of Directors in the order of the highest votes received at the previous election. No appointed Officer or Director shall succeed the Presidency before any elected Officer or Director. 

Article IX: Impeachment of Officers and Directors 

Section 1 

At the first meeting wherein an impeachment vote is to be taken regarding a specific Officer or Director, two-thirds (2/3) of the entire Executive Board shall constitute a quorum. If no quorum is achieved at that first meeting, the Executive Board members present at the following Executive Board meeting shall constitute a quorum. An affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present, excluding the member voted upon, will result in impeachment of the Officer or Director. 

Section 2 

No Officer or Director may miss three (3) or more meetings during any one-year that he/she serves, unless excused by the President. A roll shall be taken at all meetings and the Secretary has the responsibility to inform the Executive Board 

of any Officer or Director that has missed two (2) meetings. The Officer or Director that has missed two (2) meetings shall be notified in writing, signed by an Officer, that impeachment proceedings shall be initiated at the Executive Board meeting following the third unexcused missed meeting. 

Section 3 

Members of the organization may petition the Executive Board for the 

impeachment of any Officer or Director. The petition shall list the grievances or causes for impeachment or dismissal and must be signed by a minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) of the members in good standing. A special meeting of the Executive Board shall be called, the Officer or Director shall have full opportunity to present his/her defense to the Executive Board, and the members involved in the petition. 

Article X: 


Section 1 

The Executive Board shall decide and appoint committees and their members deemed proper and necessary to fulfill the objectives of the organization. The President will appoint all committee Chairpersons. 

Section 2 

All previously appointed positions shall be deemed terminated at the beginning of each new administration. 

Section 3 

The President and Vice President shall be ex-officio members of all committees. 

Section 4 

Delegations or special committees shall be appointed by the President to represent the organization at any convention, meeting, or assembly as may be necessary, subject to approval of the Executive Board. Those delegations or committees shall only exercise those powers specifically vested in them by the Executive Board. 

Article XI: Meetings 

Section 1 

The organization shall hold regular monthly meetings on the second (2nd) Thursday of each month, or on such dates and at such places the President shall determine. There will be no meetings in July or August. These meetings do not apply towards eligibility of members in good standing. 

A. The order for such meeting shall be as follows: 

a. Opening call to order
b. Roll call
c. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting(s)
d. Reading of correspondence
e. Treasurer's Report
f. Athletic Director's Report
g. Old business
h. New business
i. Questions 

Section 2 

At all regular scheduled and special meetings, the members in good standing present shall constitute a quorum. 

Section 3 

Special meetings of the organization shall be called by the President or Secretary upon request of ten (10) members of good standing. Written notice of the time and place of such a meeting and the matters to come before the meeting shall be E-mailed or sent by regular US Mail seven (7) days prior to the meeting to the last known address of all members in good standing and posted on the bulletin board. Matters not specifically set forth in the written notice may not be brought before, or acted upon at any such meeting. 

Section 4 

The Executive Board shall hold regular monthly meetings immediately prior to the organization's regular monthly general Membership Meeting. The Executive Board shall also on the last Thursday of each month hold a regularly scheduled Executive Board Meeting. Special meetings of the Executive Board may also be called by any five (5) members thereof, by giving a minimum of seven (7) days' notice, to all members thereof. No new business will be considered until all matters specifically set forth in the notice of any special meeting are brought before and acted upon. At all regularly scheduled Executive Board Meetings, the members preset constitute a quorum. 

Section 5 

Non-Executive Board members may attend Board meetings, but have no right to the floor without the chairperson's approval. The chair has the authority to clear the room of Non-Executive Board members with the approval of the majority of the Executive Board present. If a majority of the Executive Board agrees to a secret ballot, after the vote is tallied by the Secretary, the ballots will be destroyed, and the results will be announced and recorded. 

Section 6 

The annual election meeting of the organization shall be held during the December's regular monthly meeting. 

Section 7 

Any individual presenting an issue to the Executive Board shall not be present for the discussion or for the vote. On issues personally involving a member of the Executive Board, they shall not vote nor be present for the vote. Written notification of the Executive Board's decision will be E-mailed or sent by regular US Mail within seventy-two (72) hours. 

Article XII: Liquidation of the Organization 

Section 1 

The organization may be dissolved at any regular scheduled or special meeting by a vote for three-fourths (3/4) of the members in good standing. Provided that a notice of this action be E-mailed or sent by regular US Mail to each member in good standing at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting. 

Section 2 

All organization assets remaining after payment of all outstanding debts shall be donated to a similar non-profit charitable organization, approved by the Executive Board. These assets shall be used for and devoted to youth oriented activities as indicated in, Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. 

Article XIII: Amendments 

Section 1 

These By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members in good standing present at any regular or special meeting, provided a written copy has been E-mailed or sent by regular US Mail to the last known E-mail address or home address of each member in good standing at least seven (7) days prior to the date of such meeting. 

Section 2 

Amendments shall become part of the Constitution and By-laws upon their adoption by the eligible voting membership, unless otherwise stipulated in the adopted amendment. 

Section 3 

The President and Secretary of the organization must sign the official copy of all adopted amendments. The Secretary of the organization shall maintain the Official Copy of the Constitution and By-laws, and all adopted amendments thereto of the organization. He/she shall make proper notations on the official copy of the Constitution and By-laws at any article, section, or sub-section affected by any amendment. 

Article XIV: Definitions and Criteria 

Section 1 

The criteria for Active Membership will be as follows: 

A. The Active Member must be a member in good standing as defined in 

Article III, Section 2, A, and B for two (2) years prior to nomination. 

B. The Active Member must remain a member in good standing to keep 

the status of Active Member or such status is forfeited. 

C. The member in good standing must be an active participant at the club 

functions that require substantial commitment: Memorial Day Tournament, Labor Day Tournament, NEPL All Star Day, Schillinger Thanksgiving Tournament, Banquet /Community Day, Kitchen, Bldg./Field Maintenance, Dances. 

D. A Board Member at the November Board Meeting will nominate 

Active Members. 

E. Nominees will be notified and required to submit a written account of 

their participation in club functions or duties performed for the organization. 

F. Active Membership status will be reviewed by the Board of Directors 

at the end of each calendar year for addition to or deletion from the list. The status of nominated and Active Members will be voted on by the Board of Directors, by ballot, at the December Board Meeting. 

G. An Active Member whose status changes due to a vote by the Board at 

the December Meeting will receive a notification by the incoming Secretary. 

H. Any member has the right to appeal a decision of the Board. The 

member will be required to, in writing, make his/her appeal to the Board of Directors. The appeal may also be heard before the General Membership at a special meeting which requires the same method of notification of the Membership as described in Article XI, Section 3. In order for the Board decision that resulted in the appeal to be overturned, a three-quarters (3/4) majority of the members in good standing in attendance must be attained. There will be no absentee votes allowed at such a meeting. 

Section 2 

The definition of a member in good standing for the purpose of voting on rule changes, appeals of Board decisions, changes to the By-laws, Impeachment proceedings, or any matter the Executive Board deems requires the vote to include only members in good standing is as follows: 

A. The member must have attended five (5) meetings prior to the vote. 

B. In the event of a vote taking place before September's General 

Membership Meeting, which includes the January through June meetings, the voting members will be those members in good standing 

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