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How to set up your travel team

Detailed Steps on how to set up  your 2019 Travel Soccer Team 

1.    Log onto PYO website 

a.    Create an account if you do not have one currently 

2.    Click “My Account” 

3.    Click “VOLUNTEER”


5.    Search for the correct program

a.    ** Note if you do not see the program right away select “Show More” 

b.    Click Continue

6.    Find your  Teams Age group 

a.    Select “Sign Up” for Head Coach 

b.    Select Continue 

7.    Select “Yes” at prompt to proceed 

8.    Select yourself (should be auto selected) 

a.    Select Continue 

9.    Form : 

a.    Required details 

                                             i.     Legal First Name

                                           ii.     Legal Last Name

                                          iii.     Date of Birth

                                          iv.     Gender

                                           v.     Street

                                          vi.     City

                                         vii.     State

                                       viii.    Zip

                                          ix.     Email Address

                                           x.     Team Name  

b.    Once compete you will be taken to your team page where you can invite players and coaches. 

detailed steps on how to set up yourtravel soccer team.pdf


Fall 2019 EPYSA Coach Registration

Spring 2019 Practice Schedule

Directors Communication


This year we will be using a new system for ordering uniform's through Angelo's Soccer Corner. All uniform's will be ordered online by the parent's. This will simplify things for the Club as well as the coach's. There are important timelines that will need to be followed to ease the transition.
  • Club Clean up Day Saturday March 31st  at 10 AM. All the help we can get would be greatly appreciated.
  • Team tryouts for U-8 through U-13 will be held on the following date: April 16,17,18,23,24,25.
  • Orders must be placed by May 13th to assure August 1st delivery. Site will close that night.
  • Each coach will be responsible to order 1 team goalie shirt.
  • Supplemental site will open a few day's later for late orders which parents will incur a $3.00 processing fee.

 I will need a team list from each team ASAP emailed to [email protected] with the following items.

  • Player name
  • Number
  • Email address
On Monday March 26th  we will have a Coach's meeting at 7 pm. Our team representative from Angelo's will be there to give an overview on the navigation of the ordering system. It will be imperative that each team is represented, preferably the Head Coach. Should you have any further questions regarding this new process please contact the person below where your team falls.

Bob Davis 215-651-1869

Fury, Fire(McKay), Hawks, Predators, Ertz, Heat. Storm(Thrasher),
Diva's. Fire(Harper)

Mike McCurry 267-254-1536

Storm & Vikings(Devlin), Rage, Predators United, Vikings(Ray & Miz), Warriors, Vikings(TK), Falcon's(Dasilva), Rampage

Rob McDevitt 215-768-3468

Flames, Burn, Devil's, Galactico's, Stars, Shamrocks, Union(Rice), Union(Barnett)

League Information  

ICSL Click
UJSL Click
PAGS Click

Coaches Here are the files you need for Clearances 

PA Child Protection Laws Clearances

PA State Police Criminal Background (ALL Coaches, managers)

PA Child Abuse Check (ALL Coaches, managers)

FBI Background only required if you haven't lived in Pennsylvania for the last 10 Years

EPYSA Team Database

Send copies of your clearances to [email protected]