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After a decade, Parkwood Flag Football has a new director!  Please help us welcome Jacquel Pham as the flag football director.
The email for flag football information is [email protected]

Look for registration for the 2024 season to open around July 4th.


Preliminary 2023 Flag Football Information:
We are looking for additional referees this year... if you know a referee who is available on Friday nights, let us know!

Registration will be opening shortly after 7/4/2023.  As always, we DO NOT allow children to register outside of their appropriate age group, and this includes not letting children register "up" in age.  ONLY IF an age group is not full when registration ends will we consider moving children up in age; a child may never play "down" into a lower age group.  The child's playing age is taken as their age on 9/1/2023.  Age groups are still 6-8, 9-11, and 12-14.  As we said at the end of last season, the 15-17 age group has been eliminated and we do not expect it to be reinstated any time soon.

We expect games for the 6-8 age group to be on Sundays again, and will not be at the same time as the 6-8 year olds' Parkwood intramural soccer games.  Games for the 9-11 and 12-14 age groups will be on Friday nights from 6pm to 10pm as they have been for the last decade.

New this year, we are looking for people to assist with running the league.  If you want to join us to help keep things running smoothly and to help make the league better, please reach out to Lisa at [email protected].

Thank you for considering playing at Parkwood!

Parkwood Flag Football League Standings

2022 Parkwood Flag Football League Standings

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---Questions about the program?  [email protected]

--Problems or questions about the website or registration?  [email protected]

2023 Season Information

We are looking forward to another great season of Parkwood NFL Flag Football this fall!  All registrations will be done online this year.  If you have not created an account, you can do that before registration opens. This will save you some time (and stress if it doesn't go smoothly for you!) once registration opens.  We will have a maximum total number of players of just over 500 this year.

Again for 2023, the 6-8 age group will play their games on SUNDAY AFTERNOONS. Time is TBD but will likely be in the 1-3pm range. We will not play at the same time as the Parkwood intramural soccer games, and we will make every attempt to schedule around the Parkwood travel soccer teams' games.  If you play soccer for another organization, you should not count on us being able to schedule flag football around your team's travel schedule.  Ages 9-14 will still play on Friday nights, with games starting at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm.  We will try to get the 9-11 age games done before 9pm (this is referee-dependent, but we were able to keep the 9-11s in the early slots last year).  The 12-14 age group should expect to have start times throughout the whole 6-9pm range. 

When you register your child, you will be asked if you would like to volunteer at the club.  We have many volunteer opportunities, including setting up and breaking down fields, kitchen duty, staffing the mouthpiece/candy/drinks trailer, trash cleanup, field painting, and other duties.  As an all-volunteer organization, we need your help!  Service opportunities for flag football are scheduled either immediately before or immediately after your child's game time.  Each team has 2-3 volunteer duty nights throughout the season.  As always, we have Head Coach and Assistant Coach volunteer opportunities as well.  All coaches WILL BE REQUIRED TO TURN IN CLEARANCES before their team will receive its jerseys.  Note that we define a coach as: any parent volunteer who is around the children on the sidelines.  If your team has 5 parents who are "helping" coach, they ALL need clearances.  If you are thinking about coaching, go ahead and get your clearances done today.  It's free for volunteers!  Go to the 'volunteer central' page for all links to required clearances.

INFO: Immediately after registering your player, please check your email and look for a confirmation email stating that you have signed up a player for flag football.  In 2019 and 2021, we had several parents sign up for volunteer work but did not complete their child's flag football registration correctly.  If you create a new account, you will receive an account creation confirmation email.  If you sign up for volunteer work, you will receive a volunteer confirmation email.  Neither of these two email confirms that you have completed a player's registration.  If you have trouble with account creation or registration, please IMMEDIATELY email the webmaster ([email protected]).  We cannot help you once an age division closes!   There will be "wait lists" used for all age groups that reach the maximum number of players before August 1st.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] and we will do our best to help you out.  Don't wait until July 31st to reach out!  By then, it will be too late!

Tentative schedule:
Registration July 5-31, or earlier if divisions fill up before that date
August 1-7: teams are created 
August 8-15: coaches' meetings & roster distribution
Aug 22-26: Jersey sizing.  Al jerseys that need to be exchanged for size will incur a $25 fee from the NFL so we highly recommend coming to jersey sizing or making arrangements to have your child sized some other time before Aug 26th.
Aug 27: Jerseys will be ordered.  After this date, refunds are reduced by $25

Regular season: 7 weeks.  Each team will have one game per week.  
6-8s: Sep 10-Oct 22
9-11s, 12-14s: Sep 8-Oct 20
Oct 27/29: reserved for makeup games if any week is rained out (note that we can only make up the first week of rained out games.  If more than one week is rained out, the games will be canceled).  If there are no rain outs, then the playoffs will begin this week.

ALL TEAMS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS; Note that the 6-8s move to Friday night games for the semifinals and championships
Nov 3/5: 1st round of playoffs; semifinals if no rainouts
Nov 10: semifinals of playoffs; championships if no rainouts 
Nov 17: Championships **note that championships MUST be completed before Thanksgiving due to our annual soccer tournament

REFUND POLICY if child decides not to play
Before Aug 27th
Credit $110
Reimbursement $105 ($110 - $5 processing charges)

After Aug 27
Credit $80
Reimbursement $75 ($80 - $5 processing charges)

After 1st game
No reimbursement or credit

REFUNDS DUE TO INJURY are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

More 2022 Season Information



More Information: 

- A player’s age determined by taking their age on 9/1/23
- No players will be allowed to play “up” an age group this year
- All players must be between 6-14 years old as of 9/1/23

Team Size:
-Teams will each have 12 players, except the 6-8s which will have 13 players.

Code of Conduct 

Violations of Code of Conduct: There will be a strictly enforced code of conduct this year, applicable to coaches, players, and parents/spectators.  Any violations will be dealt with immediately in the following manner:

        1st occurrence: warning

        2nd occurrence: ejection from game; parent/spectator must leave the Parkwood complex immediately and must take all children registered in the flag football program with them.  Any parent who is ejected from a game will be required to meet with the PYO Board and will be required to participate in a game as a sideline official before any of their children will be allowed to resume team activities.

        3rd occurrence: forfeit by the team; player/coach is suspended for at least the next game, even if it is a playoff or championship game.  Severity of suspension will be determined by the PYO Board.

Note that special circumstances will apply to anyone who is deliberately disobeying rules or commissioners.  Also, coaches/parents who have children on multiple teams will be suspended from ALL teams/games for violations of the code of conduct and ALL children will be disqualified from participation.