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  • 8/23/2020:  We have spent many hours trying to figure out a way to run the flag football season this year.  When the City announced the 250-person gathering limit, we had a plan to return to play.  Since then, the Mayor has reduced the gathering limit to 50 without further clarification and the City's Parks & Recreation Department has not been forthcoming with information nor field permits.  At this time, we have to make a decision on the season. Over the last 12 years, our program has grown into a Friday night 600-player, 48-team NFL Flag Football League, which is far too large to run while COVID is still running rampant.  We would have to dilute the program to less than half capacity & play on weekends in order to stay within the COVID restrictions, and there is no guarantee that we'd be able to get through the season without the City canceling all youth sports.  At this time, we unfortunately see no option but to cancel the flag football season for 2020.  We look forward to 2021, hopeful that COVID will be under control by then and we can return to playing Flag Football on Friday Nights as we have done over the last 12 years.  If you have any questions, please email [email protected] Again, we apologize for having to cancel this season, but the safety of our players, coaches, parents, volunteers, & referees must be prioritized.  As always, thank you in advance for your understanding of this difficult decision.
Parkwood Flag Football Committee

8/18/20: A decision regarding flag football will be made by the end of the week.  The decision is dependent on the status of the field permits and the restrictions placed on gatherings.  Thank you for your continued patience!

08/10/20: Registrion is still on hold as we work with the Department of Rec to have better clarification about the Mayor’s “50” person.   Our primary focus is on the safety of our players and families.  Thank you for your patience! 

7/31/20:  We hope to have clarification about the Mayor’s “50” person limit soon.  A meeting scheduled for this past week was postponed until next week.  The Mayor is also supposed to release a new update on Monday, which may help us decide if we can run flag football this year.  Thank you for bearing with us through this uncertain time!

Due to the Mayor's mandate released on 7/14/2020, registration for flag football will remain CLOSED until further notice.  Please continue to monitor this page for details as the situation is fluid and is changing often.  Thank you in advance for your patience as we attempt to navigate this unprecedented situation.

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.


2020 Season Information 

It is likely that there will be changes from last year, including smaller numbers of players on each team, staggered game times, and the high probability of games being played on both Friday nights and Sunday afternoons for some age groups.  These changes will be necessary to attempt to mitigate the crowds that have grown as our flag football program has grown.  Monitor this page for registration listings and further information about the upcoming fall season. 

Teams will be reduced to 10 players.  We will attempt to honor teammate requests, but there will be several teams where the number of requests exceeds 10 so children will have to be moved to other teams. Parents will be encouraged to vacate fields after games and to reduce the number of spectators at each game.  Some games will begin at 5:45, 6:45, 7:45, and 8:45; some games will begin at 6, 7, 8, 9.  It is highly likely that the 9-11 and 6-8 age groups will be playing games on Sunday afternoons after 4pm.  On the registration form, you will see the COVID-19 refund policy (also below), which you should read in its entirety before signing up.  Please check your email after registration and look for a confirmation email stating that you have signed up a player for flag football.  Last year, we had several parents sign up for volunteer work but did not complete their child's flag football registration correctly.  If you create an account, you will receive an account creation confirmation email.  If you sign up for volunteer work, you will receive a volunteer confirmation email.  We cannot help you once an age division closes! 

Tentative schedule: ( This schedule is out of date and will be updated once we have approval) 
Registration ends XX or earlier if divisions fill up before that date
(Delayed) Aug 17-23: Jersey sizing
(Delayed) Aug 24: Jerseys will be ordered
(Delayed) Regular season: Sep 11-Oct 25.  
(Delayed) Oct 30: week reserved for makeup games if any week is rained out.  If there are no rain outs, then the playoffs will begin this week.
(Delayed) Nov 6/8: 1st round of playoffs
(Delayed) Nov 13/15: semifinals of playoffs
(Delayed) Nov 20: Championships

REFUND POLICY if the season is canceled due to COVID-related issues (note that this is not the policy for children who decide that they don't want to play, this is ONLY If the season is canceled due to the pandemic)
(Delayed) Before Aug 24th
Credit $110
Reimbursement $105 ($110 - $5 processing charges)

(Delayed) After Aug 24
Credit $80
Reimbursement $75 ($80 - $5 processing charges)

(Delayed) After 1st game
Credit $55
Reimbursement $50 ($55 - $5 processing charges)

(Delayed) After 4th scheduled game: no Reimbursement or Credit

2020 Season Information



We are very excited to announce some major changes to Flag Football this season! 

Basic Information
Registration Fee : $110
Ages: 6-17 
Teams : Coed 
Football Mania Fundraiser : Discontinued 
Active Member: Codes available please reach out to [email protected] for more information. 

Game Days/Time by Division ****subject to change****
Division I   (6-8s)      Friday Nights 5:45pm - 8pm   Sundays 4pm - 6pm
Division II  (9-11s)    Friday Nights 6:45pm - 10pm   Sundays 6pm - 7pm
Division III (12-14s)  Friday Nights 5:45pm - 9pm
Division V  (15-17s)  Friday Nights 8:45pm - 11pm               

More Information: 

- A player’s age determined by taking their age on 9/1/20.
- No players will be allowed to play “up” an age group this year.
- All players must be between 6-17 years old as of 9/1/20.

Team Size:
-Teams will each have 10 players


Registration will all be done online this year!  There will be no more waiting in hour-long lines in the gym!  Registration will open the week of July 12 and will close on August 7th at 3pm.  If any age groups reach the maximum number of players before August 7th, that age group will close.  Registration is $110 per player, and there is no “family discount.”  This increase in registration is needed to cover the referee fees for the season.  All registration costs will be paid at the time of registration.

Volunteer Service:
The cost of registration for sports at Parkwood is kept low by requiring each family to volunteer 3 hours of service per season, per sport.  Volunteer service for flag football families includes staffing the kitchen, staffing the candy trailer, cleaning the fields of trash, and emptying trash cans.  All service is scheduled to occur before or after a team’s game.  Each team should expect to have volunteer service assigned 1-2 times throughout the season.  If any high school students need volunteer service hours, contact [email protected] to arrange service hours.

Code of Conduct 

Violations of Code of Conduct: There will be a strictly enforced code of conduct this year, applicable to coaches, players, and parents/spectators.  Any violations will be dealt with immediately in the following manner:

        1st occurrence: warning

        2nd occurrence: ejection from game; parent/spectator must leave the Parkwood complex immediately

        3rd occurrence: forfeit by the team; player/coach is suspended for the next game, even if it is a playoff or championship game!  The suspended individual will be assigned volunteer service on the date of suspension.

Note that special circumstances will apply to anyone who is deliberately disobeying rules or commissioners.


Parkwood Flag Football 2018 League Standings

2018 Parkwood Flag Football League Standings

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