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2017 Intramural Soccer Division II Champions

Congratulations to Jeff Dye and the Neon Green Team 
2017 Intramural Soccer Champions 


Team Groups

Black Group  
Team Number Team Color Coach  Points
Team 1 Navy Blue Hank Vaughan (Wednesday)  3
Team 2 Sky Blue Ken Schrenk (Tuesday)  6
Team 3 Red Mark Mulray (Thursday)  5
Team 4 Hot Pink Jamie McGovern (Tuesday)  0

Red Group  
Team Number Color Coach  Points
Team 1 Electric Green Jason Miles (Thursday)  0
Team 2 Purple Dan Lodise (Thursday)  7
Team 3 Safety Yellow Jeff Dye (Thursday)  8
Team 4 Black Mark Mazzeo (Tuesday)  0

White Group  
Team Number Color Coach Points 
Team 1 Yellow Tony Ulrich (Wednesday)  3
Team 2 Orange Todd Nobili (Friday)  0
Team 3 Grey Dan Singleton (Wednesday)  8
Team 4 Royal Blue John Jordan (Monday)  3

Saturday November 11th Schedule

Field A

Time Group Team # Teams  Score
12:00 PM Red 1v2 Electric Green Vs. Purple  2-1 (Purple)
12:30 PM Black 1v2 Navy Blue Vs. Sky Blue  0-0 Tie
1:00 PM White 1v2 Yellow Vs. Orange  3-1 (Yellow)
1:30 PM Red 1v3 Electric Green Vs. Safety Yellow  4-0 (Safety Yellow)
2:00 PM Black 1v3 Navy Blue Vs. Red  1-1 Tie
2:30 PM White 1v3 Yellow Vs. Grey  2-0 (Grey) 

Field B

Time Group Team # Teams Score 
12:00 PM Red 3v4 Safety Yellow Vs. Black  4-0 (Safety Yellow)
12:30 PM Black 3v4 Red Vs. Hot Pink  2-0 (Red)
1:00 PM White 3v4 Grey Vs. Royal Blue  3-0 (Grey)
1:30 PM Red 2v4 Purple Vs. Black  4-0 (Purple) 
2:00 PM Black 2v4 Sky Blue Vs. Hot Pink  3-0 (Sky Blue)
2:30 PM White 2v4 Orange Vs. Royal Blue  3-1* (Orange*)

Sunday November 12th Schedule

Field A

Time Group Team # Teams
9:00 AM Red 1v4 Electric Green vs Black
9:30 AM White 1v4 Yellow vs Royal Blue
10:00 AM Black 1v4 Navy Blue vs Hot Pink

Field B

Time Group Team # Teams
9:00 AM Red 2v3 Purple vs Safety Yellow
9:30 AM White 2v3 Orange vs Grey
10:00 AM Black 2v3 Sky Blue vs Red


Time Teams  
12:00 PM 1st vs 4th  Grey vs Purple
12:00 PM 2nd vs 3rd  Safety Yellow vs Sky Blue



Time  Teams
1:00 PM  Purple VS Safety Yellow